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Mathematics Conference
“The Aperiodic”
The Open University
June 2022

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A2.pngUwe Grimm

A3.pngMichael Baake

B1.pngEdmund Harriss

B2.pngStefan Pautze

B3.pngNatalie Frank

C1.pngJohn Hunton

C2.pngHenna Koivusalo

C3.pngTea Break #1

D1.pngTea Break #2

D2.pngJens Marklof

D3.pngChikwesiri Imediegwu

E1.pngMichael Coons

E2.pngIn Conversation

E3.pngValérie Berthé

F1.pngJamie Walton

F2.pngDirk Frettlöh

F3.pngPetra Staynova

G1.pngShelley James, Brian Sutton

G2.png Karma Dajani

G3.pngAlvaro Bustos Gajardo

H1.pngFelix Flicker

H2.pngAperiodic Tiles

H3.pngThe Tiling Project


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