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 I N T E G R A T I O N   I

Cover for Integration

A-Level Pure Mathematics, Year 1
Additional Mathematics
~ Paperless Digital Edition 1.0 ~
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This intensive series of lessons covers the Integration for
the A-Level Year 1 course with an extension chapter
for those also needing the Kinematics of the Additional Mathematics FSMQ.
I've provided full & detailed solutions to the exercises.

1  The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Lesson 1 : Answers 1
2  Integration with curves below the x-axis
Lesson 2 : Answers 2
3  Examination Questions
Lesson 3 : Answers 3
4  Integration Without Limits
Lesson 4 : Answers 4
4E  Kinematics (Additional Mathematics only)
Lesson 4E : Part Answers 4E
5  Test
Lesson 5 


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Published : November 2019 

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