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Top 100 Mathematical Websites
01. The Gap System for Computational Discrete Algebra: Home Page
02. Blog of Professor Attila Egri-Nagy
      (University profile Professor Attila Egri-Nagy)
03. Blog of Professor Timothy Gowers
      (Wikipedia on Professor Timothy Gowers)
04. Blog of Professor Terry Tao
      (Wikipedia on Professor Terry Tao)
05. Blog of Professor Greta Panova
      (Wikipedia on Professor Greta Panova)
06. Great Numberphile Video featuring Neil Sloane's Toothpick Patterns
07. Timo Jolivet's Research Page
08. Maths, physics and philosophy blog: The n-Category Cafe
09. Oxford University Maths news, club, case studies etc
10. Homepage of Prof Steven J. Miller
11. Homepage of Prof Narad Rampersad
12. Calculator of Matrix Characteristic Polynomials
13. Calculator of Eigenvectors
(Also rank, diagonalization, Schur decomposition, Jordan normal form...)
14. Mathematics Blog Never Ending Books
15. A group blog on the smallest field F un Mathematics
16. Homepage of Prof Lieven le Bruyn
17. Website of Prof Jeffrey O. Shallit
      Plus a directory of his talks
18. Solutions to Linear Algebra Done Right
19. Madas Maths Great teaching resources by the late Trifon Madas
20. Fun tessellations with Wang Tiles
21. Jarkko Kari's undergraduate course on Tilings and Patterns
22. Online Tilings Encyclopedia
23. A large collection of Maths Counterexamples
24. A series of YouTube videos on Ramsey Theory by Kaj Hansen
25. David Darling's website on Aperiodic Tilings
     Plus his YouTube video on the subject
26. Group Explorer Free online Software for teaching and learning Group Theory
      Group Explorer User Guide
27. A database of 3,824,372 Elliptic Curves and counting
28. The M500 Mathematics Society of the Open University
29. Homepage of (the late)Professor Uwe Grimm of the Open University
30. Math Bits Notebook : American High School Math
31. Employment opportunities mostly in University Mathematics Departments (worldwide)
32. Save My Exams : Source of A-Level, GCSE and IGCSE Revision Notes, Examples and Exercises
33. Online 3D graph plotter : Show three planes in a sheaf, prism or meeting at a point
34. Another useful 3D graph plotter : Good for getting a good perspective on a single surface
35. Exam Solutions : Excellent GCSE, A-Level and Further A-Level Resources
36. Gresham College Online Mathematics Lectures
37. Math Stack Exchange : Ask, answer and explore university undergraduate level problems in mathematics
38. Journal of Mathematics and the Arts : Many Open Access articles
39. Wolfram Alpha : Free online mathematics computations
    Example of a Parametric Plot
    Example of a Polar Plot
    Example of finding asymptotes
40. The Riemann Hypothesis Explained : Lovely tour of the key points leading up to Riemann's famous Hypothesis
41. Robin Chapman's Home Page : A Treasure trove of mathematics resources and undergraduate teaching
42. IMO: International Mathematical Olympiad Book List
43. Combinatorics on words seminar
44. Homepage of Dr John Magorrian (Oxford, UK)
45. YouTube The Mathematics of Lattices
Lego Club Links
1. Diagon Alley
2. Haunted House Review
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