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Martin Hansen, Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury, SY3 7BA
07841288198 (text messages only)
Comments Upon My Teaching
I definitely could not have studied Further A-Level Mathematics without your teaching. Thank you for always being available when I come to you for help. (SY - Class of 2021)
Thank you for all the help during my GCSE journey. I'm grateful that I was taught by you, especially during the remote period; you always reply within seconds ! (CL - Class of 2023)
Personal Interests
M336 : Groups and Geometry (Undergraduate)
M337 : Complex Analysis (Undergraduate)
M381 : Number Theory and Mathematical Logic (Undergraduate)
M434 : Differential Geometry (Undergraduate)
M823 : Analytic Number Theory I (Postgraduate)
M829 : Analytic Number Theory II (Postgraduate)
M833 : Advanced Mathematical Methods (Postgraduate)
M835 : Approximation Theory (Postgraduate)
M832 : Fractal Geometry (Postgraduate)
M840 : Disertation in Mathematics (Postgraduate)
My current focus (June 2021) is upon Aperiodic Tilings in relation to Quasi-Crystals

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