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Contact (Academic Year 2023-2024-2025)
Martin Hansen, The University of Derby, College of Science and Engineering, DE22 3AW
07841 288 198 (text messages only, calls need to be pre-arranged)

Martin Hansen

Current Interests (Spring 2024)
Generating Functions, Binet Formulae, Pisot and Salem Numbers
• Combinatorics on Words, especially in relation to Aperiodic Tilings
• Graph Theory, especially the isomorphism problem
Memberships (2024)
The London Mathematical Society
The Mathematical Association of America
The Edinburgh Mathematical Society
The Mathematical Association (UK)
The Fibonacci Association (USA)
M500 Society (UK)
The British Origami Society (UK)
Conferences, Seminars and Workshops Attended
The Grimm Network #1 The Open University, July 2023
Mathematics Teaching The University of Sheffield, May 2023
The Aperoidic The Open University, June 2022
Aperiodic Engineering from Combinatorics on Words, The Mathematical Gazette (Due March 2025)
Cubic q-Root Curves (Elliptic Curves with an Asymptote), (Under Review)
Comments Upon My Teaching (2021-2024)
Your commitment to outstanding quality teaching is cleary and characteristically unwavering. (AB - March 2024)
Your teaching played an instrumental role in my achievements; an A* in Maths and an A in Further Maths. I genuinely enjoyed learning maths with you and will cherish the memories. (BP - Class of 2023)
I am delighted to let you know that I have an offer from Rice University, Houston, Texas. Thank you very much for your help and support during my A-Level learning and your kindness in writing me a reference. (HH - Class of 2023)
Questions from pupils answered well with clear explanation. Nice manner and quick to correct minor mistakes to make sure they are on the right track. (DMR - Lesson Observation, 2022)
Thank you for all the help during my GCSE journey. I'm grateful that I was taught by you, especially during the remote period; you always reply within seconds ! (CL - Class of 2023)
I definitely could not have studied Further A-Level Mathematics without your teaching. Thank you for always being available when I come to you for help. (SY - Class of 2021)
Thank you very much for being such an amazing teacher for the past two years. Maths has never been my best subject, however you made it enjoyable and engaging. (SC - Class of 2023)
Thanks for a brilliant two years of fun learning A-Level with you, including the lockdown lessons. It was your teaching in 5th form GCSE that gave me the confidence to take it further. (Luke - Class of 2021)
• MSc (Mathematics) Open University, 2022
• BA (Mathematics) Open University, 1999
• PGCE (Mathematics) Trinity College, 1982
• BSc (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) Heriot Watt University, 1981
Favourite Courses Studied
M336 : Groups and Geometry (Undergraduate)
M337 : Complex Analysis (Undergraduate)
M381 : Number Theory and Mathematical Logic (Undergraduate)
M434 : Differential Geometry (Undergraduate)
M823 : Analytic Number Theory I (Postgraduate)
M829 : Analytic Number Theory II (Postgraduate)
M833 : Advanced Mathematical Methods (Postgraduate)
M835 : Approximation Theory (Postgraduate)
M832 : Fractal Geometry (Postgraduate)
M840 : Dissertation in Mathematics (Postgraduate)

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