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G R O U P   T H E O R Y   I
A Post-GCSE Introduction

Cover for Euler's Totient Function Tables

An insight into University undergraduate level mathematics
~ Remote Learner Edition 1.1 ~
*Teachers should email to request the access code to the answers*


A introduction to Mathematics beyond GCSE, giving insight
into the University ungergraduate topics of modulo arithmetic and
Group Theory in an accessible manner.
Intended to be taught at the end of the Year 11 academic year,
after the GCSE exams are over.

1  Clock Arithmetic +Video
Lesson 1 : Answers 1
2  Properties of Groups +Video
Lesson 2 : Answers 2
3  The Square +Video
Lesson 3 : Answers 3
4  Generators +Video
Lesson 4 : Answers 4
5  Isomporphism +Video
Lesson 5 : Answers 5 


 Download entire Group Theory I PDF
Published : July 2021

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