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Cover : Series and Visual Proof

 A-Level Further Pure Mathematics, Core 1
~ Remote Learner Edition 2.0 ~
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This is a lovely topic with a marvelous interplay between the visual and the algebraic.
I've added proofs of the key results (which the course text book skips)
and also related the techniques to interesting physical patterns
to bring the subject alive and provide motivation.

1  Triangular Numbers +Video
Lesson 1 : Answers 1
2  Series Manipulations +Video
Lesson 2 : Answers 2
3  Square Numbers +Video
Lesson 3 : Answers 3
4  Cubic Numbers +Video
Lesson 4 : Answers 4
5  Pattern Spotting
Lesson 5 : Answers 5
6  Test
Lesson 6  : Answers 6 


 Download entire Series and Visual Proof PDF
Published: June 2022 

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