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 N U M E R I C A L   M E T H O D S
~ Solving Equations Using Iteration ~

Cover for Numerical Methods

A-Level Pure Mathematics, Year 2


This is the 2nd Edition, including a couple of new chapters
on the Newton-Raphson method of solving equations
which is a part of the new (2019) A-Level course

1  Solving 'Impossible' Equations
Exercise, Answers
2  A First Iteration
Exercise, Answers
3  Numerical Methods Exercise
Exercise, Answers
4  Past Paper Questions
Exercise, Answers
5  Picturing Iteration: Cobweb & Staircase Diagrams
Exercise updated with graphs
6  Test
No Answers to Test
7  The Newton-Raphson Iteration Formula
Exercise, Answers
8  Exam Questions on Newton-Raphson


Download Iteration (Year 2) PDF
Published : May 2019

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