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All recent additions to the teaching and learning materials on the Number Wonder website feature complete ready to use lessons. These have been used for remote teaching during the Corona virus pandemic and feature embedded video support. The exercises have full worked solutions obtained via email from

21 Oct Latest Mathematics Communtity Outreach Resources
21 Oct 1) A-Level Pure Year 1 Coordinate Geometry

21 Oct We're Independent School of the Year 2020

School of the Year

04 Oct Autumn Term 2020, New Resources
04 Oct 1) A-Level Pure Year 2 Differentiation III
04 Oct 2) A-Level Further Pure Matrix Systems of Equations
04 Oct 3) A-Level Further Pure Proof by Induction
04 Oct 4) A-Level Further Pure Telescoping Series
04 Sep Praise for Number Wonder
04 Sep I've just come across your website and am absolutely loving the resources!
04 Sep Better explained than the usual textbook!
04 Sep "KS" : Maths teacher at Queen Elizabeth's School, London, UK
11 August 2020 Showcase Materials (Click on an image for access)


 GCSE : Year 11
Vectors I


 GCSE : Year 11
Conic Sections


 A-Level (Pure)
Geometric Progressions


 A-Level (Mechanics)
Moments II


 Further A-Level (Pure)
Series and Visual Proof


 Further A-Level (Pure)
Roots of Polynomials

11 Aug New Lessons for September 2020
11 Aug Ready to Use * Full Answers * Supporting Videos
11 Aug 1) A-Level Year 2 Trigonometry V
11 Aug 2) A-Level Year 2 Arithmetic Progressions
11 Aug 3) Further A-Level Core 1 Complex Numbers I
11 Aug 4) Further A-Level Core 1 Volumes of Revolution I
11 Aug 5) Further A-Level Core 1 Matrix Transformations
11 Aug Autumn 2020 Website Tidy-Up
11 Aug A-Level Vectors II
11 Aug Further A-Level Vectors III
03 Jul 2019 Flippin' Functions

Flippin' Functions
Read : Flippin' Functions 

13 May 2019 A Calculation Conundrum

Place your bets on which is correct before reading on .

08 May 2019 The Number Wonder website is launched

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